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Environmental policy

We are ISO14001-certified through DNV. Consideration for the environment and sustainability is one of Dansk Emballage's fundamental values. Our business model is to create value for our customers by reducing their CO2 footprint for their packaging.

Dansk Emballage ApS's environmental policy is ongoing, active and structured to work to:  

  1. Reduce CO2 footprint per unit with ourselves and our customers through optimization of processes, logistics and energy consumption  

  2. Reduce water consumption and thus wastewater per unit through the development of processes and methods

  3. Increase the proportion of used packaging that can be recycled - either directly through washing and repair or indirectly through material recycling  

  4. Reduce waste for incineration per unit  

  5. Reduce sewage sludge per unit through investment in facilities, development of processes and methods  

  6. Limit waste and continuously improve ergonomics in the employees' working day

  7. Teach our customers to treat used packaging as a valuable resource that can be recycled to increase the supply of recycled packaging.  

  8. Seek CO2 neutrality with transparent solutions, such as planting new forest (additionally).

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