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Since 1989, we have continously worked on polishing our skills

We have made it our business to create value for our customers while working towards a more sustainable world.

Our history

Dansk Emballage ApS begins trading in new and used washed steel drums and pallets.


Dansk Emballage is acquired, together with Linds Emballage ApS and Gasbergs Emballage by the company Greenpal.


Brian Gravlund Lind takes over the company, which is named Dansk Emballage. The range is expanded with pallet tanks, drums and lid barrels. Large trade with Emballage Vaskeriet.



MJ Plastics, founded by Jacob Rosenstand Kunøe and Martin Schack Staffeldt in 2020, who also owns Emballage Vaskeriet ApS, buys Dansk Emballage ApS to service customers throughout Denmark with recycled industrial packaging.


The company continues with the same skilled employees and the business is strengthened with new business areas, such as "rebottling of pallet tanks" and packaging of special packaging.

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