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Since 1999, we have continously worked on polishing our skills

We have made it our business  to create value for our customers while working towards a more sustainable world.

Our history

Kurt Sørensen starts Kurt's Tank Cleaning
 in Greve, Zealand, for the purpose of washing tankers, pallet tanks and plastic drums. The company is environmentally approved and installs its own wastewater treatment plant.


The company is successful and there is a need for more space and an expansion of production. At the same time, the company wants to be closer to their larger customers. The family and the company are established on Industrivej 6 in Vamdrup, and Emballage Vaskeriet ApS is established.


Heidi Rosenkrantz Sørensen takes over the company after her husband, Kurt, who passes away after a short period with illness. Søren Petersen is appointed as the daily manager.


MJ Plastics, founded by Jacob Rosenstand Kunøe and Martin Schack Staffeldt, buys Emballage Vaskeriet to invest in sustainable plastic recycling and the circular economy. The company continues with the same skilled employees and the business is strengthened  with new business areas, such as "rebottling of pallet tanks" and sales of  R-HDPE (recycling of plastic raw material).

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