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The circular economy
Dansk Emballage collects and sells reconditioned, "rebottled" and new pallet tanks (IBC). We pick up, sort, wash and repair pallet tanks in an ISO14001-certified process and sell them again as recycled packaging. In cases where this is not possible, the pallet tanks are divided into material recycling. Plastic drums and plastic canisters are covered by the same concept.

Sustainable process - save money and protect the environment
With our customized and intelligent solutions, we continuously optimize on sustainability and the environment and create a positive CO2 effect for companies for the benefit of our planet. In addition, we are working to become CO2 neutral through the forestation.

We are working towards 2025
With our collection program, we document and ensure that our customers through Dansk Emballage's services can live up to the EU Packaging Directive in 2025 on extended producer responsibility.


We take the environment seriously - we want to make a difference
Our mission is to contribute to the green transition by reducing the CO2 footprint for you as a customer and us as a company. Plastic is not a bad, but a good material when recycled and not incinerated or thrown away in nature.

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