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MJ Plastics Acquires Dansk Emballage

COPENHAGEN - On May 17th, 2021, MJ Plastics announced the acquisition of Dansk Emballage ApS. Based in Faarevejle, Denmark. Dansk Emballage reconditions and markets IBCs, drums and jerrycans for the food and chemical industry.

With the acquisition of Dansk Emballage, MJ Plastics, which already owns Emballage Vaskeriet ApS in Vamdrup, will be the largest supplier of recycled industrial packaging in Denmark.

The addition of the new sister company expands MJ Plastics' presence in Denmark, which creates additional proximity to customers, now also in Zealand, with a fast response and short transport route.

“I am very excited to welcome Brian Lind and Dansk Emballage to our team. We immediately begin the work of jointly implementing our strategy of delivering sustainable packaging solutions to our customers. The combination of our strengths will create great value for our customers. We feel obliged to continue to expand our presence in the Danish market and to provide the best customer service and offer the market's most comprehensive product range”, says CEO and co-owner Martin Schack Staffeldt.

Former owner of Dansk Emballage, Brian Lind continues in the role as factory manager, adds: “The combination of Dansk Emballage and Emballage Vaskeriet, two strong companies in industrial packaging, lays the foundation for creating great value and opportunities for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Our ability to offer a complete range of products and services across Denmark is exciting.”

“With Emballage Vaskeriet, we have seen work with circular economy and environmental management, where we optimize all processes (logistics, reuse, recycling, waste, wastewater, etc.), provide opportunities for greater collection volume and thus greater CO2 savings for our customers. The acquisition of Dansk Emballage provides major synergies in logistics and facilities, which will make the two companies more sustainable”, says development Director and co-owner Jacob Kunøe.

About Dansk Emballage:

Dansk Emballage ApS, founded in 1989, has over 30 years of experience in trading new and reconditioned industrial packaging, including IBCs, drums, jerrycans and pallets. The company recondition and sells i.a. more than 30,000 IBCs per year and currently has 7 employees.

About MJ Plastics:

MJ Plastics ApS is a private Danish company founded by Jacob Kunøe og Martin Schack Staffeldt in 2020, located in Copenhagen. The company invests in small and medium-sized enterprises which operates in the rigid industrial plastic packaging industry, focusing on recycling and circular economy.

The owners of MJ Plastics have many years of experience in the manufacture and recycling of plastics, as well as with advice in many types of enterprises and industries.

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