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Conditions for collection

of empty packaging

Updated 4.11.2021, v. 2021/02

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Pick-up conditions

Dansk Emballage ApS quickly and flexibly picks up empty pallet tanks (IBC), plastic drums and plastic canisters in Denmark. The life of the packaging is extended through an environmentally-friendly, ISO 14001-certified reconditioning process. At the end of the packaging life cycle, we ensure that raw materials are recycled environmentally correctly.

Register for free and without obligation on EVIP and start ordering a pick-up here immediately.

Through the registration and with each individual order of collection, you accept the collection conditions, which can be read below.

Changes to the terms can be made at any time and without notice. The current and binding version of the terms and conditions is always updated on the website on this page.


Packaging types

We offer free collection of empty and used pallet tanks (IBC), plastic drums and plastic canisters which are suitable for recycling:


  • All makes of integrated IBC with plastic container (HDPE) from 600L to 1200L   


  • All makes of plastic drums and plastic lid barrels in plastic (HDPE) from 30L-220L


  • All makes of plastic cans in plastic (HDPE) from 10L-60L

Geographical area

The collection area includes Denmark. For non-bridged islands and archipelagos special conditions apply* (see below)

Minimum quantity and time

  • Minimum number for IBC collection: 4 pcs.

  • Minimum number for collection of plastic drums: 32 pcs.

  • Minimum number for collection of plastic canisters:  240 pcs.

Packaging is picked up within max. 14 working days after ordering.

Replacement pallets only by prior arrangement for a fee and shipping.

Criteria for collection of IBCs, drums and bins for recycling - free collection

  • No external or internal product residues. IBCs, drums and cans must be completely empty (drip-free), ie free of liquid, solid particles and / or solidified material

  • Reusable - the packaging must be in a condition where it can be reconditioned and thus reused, ie. plastic inner container, lattice cage, pallets and other functional parts must not be damaged or appear with rust or residues on the outside that cannot be cleaned (eg polyester, paint/varnish and glue). IBCs must not be more than 5 years old.

  • Plastic drums and canisters must be empty.

  • Latest content must be clearly stated - all labels, tags, etc. with the latest product content, instructions on dangerous goods, must be legible. The transport document must meet the regulations. Packaging that has contained toxic products (class 6.1) must be neutralized and / or rinsed before collection, and will be rejected if this cannot be determined.


  • All taps, lids, capsules and punches must be closed and tight, as if it were a packed package.


  • Through ordering, the sender guarantees that they accept the Collection Terms from EVIP and if the packaging does not meet the above conditions, Dansk Emballage ApS has the right to invoice the sender for the costs incurred in connection with the deviation.


  • During transport, each empty IBCs, drums and canisters must be sealed as if it were filled packaging. The transport document must comply with current regulations (ADR / RID)


If you are missing a lid for sealing, please contact us.

Preparation before collection

Transport document to be completed

Plastic drums (Packed on CP1 pallets) - 4 pcs. Per layer - 2 high - (8 pcs. per pallet) *

Plastic cans (packed on EUR pallets) - 12 pcs. Per layer - 5 high - (60 pcs. per pallet) - stretch film with clear plastic *

Must be on a level and firm surface so that you can get there by truck

If an order has been made online and the goods cannot be picked up, the sender will be invoiced for the transport cost for unsuccessful travel.

Damaged IBC, drums and product residue

The sender is invoiced for the costs incurred in connection with correct environmental management & disposal, which include:

  • Transport


  • Emptying / collecting residual contents, final handling and disposal to Fortum, Nyborg


Waste management fees

Residual content, liquid waste:

DKK 12.00 per liter, excl. VAT

Recycling of lattice cage. Pallet and / or grille that is damaged or obsolete, disassembled and sorted by material type:

DKK 250.00 per piece, excl. VAT

Energy recovery of plastic containers containing toxic, particularly irritating, odorous or CMR* products

DKK 350.00 per piece, excl. VAT

*) Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or toxic for Reproduction


In addition to waste management, freight / transport to Emballage Vaskeriet.


Special conditions*

When collecting empty packaging from non-bridged islands and archipelagos, the customer must be informed of a shipping surcharge before ordering. Please contact us on +45 4036 1210 (Bornholm and islands off Zealand, Lolland and Falster) or +45 23 69 99 88 (South Funen archipelago and islands off Jutland.)


Preparation of plastic cans and plastic drums on pallets - see instructions for preparation here .

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