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I tilfælde af at jeres emballage ikke er tømt som beskrevet i vores afhentningsbetingelser vil vi fakturere for bortskaffelse af farligt gods/restprodukt.

Pick-up location


Fill in the number of IBCs or the number of pallets with drums / lid barrels here. 

The contents of the goods

Unwashed, empty packaging, non-dangerous goods

Unwashed empty packaging, class 3

Flammable liquid


Pallet tanks

Number of pieces

Drums / Low barrels
(30-200 L)

Number of pallets

Plastic cans
(10-60 L)

Quantity  pallets

Unwashed empty packaging, class 4.1
Flammable solid


Unwashed empty packaging, Class 5.1 (8) oxidizing, corrosive substances


Unwashed empty packaging, class 5.2
Organic peroxides


Unwashed empty packaging, class 6.1
Toxic substances


Unwashed empty packaging, class 8
Corrosive substances


Unwashed empty packaging, class 9
Other dangerous substances and objects

Picture 7.png

The sender confirms that the following points apply:

1) All taps, lids, capsules, punches etc. must be closed and tight

2) The packaging has no internal and external product residues that can not be cleaned

3) The packaging is stackable and is not damaged

4) The type approval for packaging with dangerous goods is valid

5) The packaging is completely empty

6) The packaging has been assessed carefully and in accordance with the currently applicable load protection laws.

7) The packaging is on pallets on a level and solid surface, which can be accessed by truck

The following packaging is excluded from transport:

a) Packaging that has not been emptied, or packaging where the contents deviate from labels, labels, etc.

b) Damaged packaging (see collection conditions)

The transport complies with:

(a) The limits laid down in ADR,

b) Impure, empty packaging is subject to transport category "4" (unlimited free quantity)

c) Transport according to ADR, subsection

Summary of order


There must be at least 4 pallets in an order for free pickup. If you have less, please contact us for a price.

Total number of pallets:

Total number of pallets:

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One or more fields below pick-up location are not filled out

Remember to enter IBC or pallets with Drums or Cans under "Order" above. 

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Thank you for your order. We will pick up your empty packaging as soon as possible. 

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